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What is there to do in Pagosa Springs, Colorado?

Wow!  Pagosa Springs is off and running into a summer jam-packed-full of fun events for both locals and visitors.

  Pagosa Springs Car Show registration

Last weekend kicked off the summer with the 5th Annual Pagosa Springs Car & Motorcycle Show.  What a great show it was!  I don’t know the official numbers, but it looked like there were more cars than any of the previous years.  The cars ranged from older cars that were just starting to be refurbished to decked out newer vehicles.  There were also food vendors, live music, a beer & wine garden, and the Colorado State Patrol did a roll over simulation.  The weather was in full cooperation and helped to make the day a gorgeous one!  If you are looking to come to Pagosa when it’s not at its busiest, but there is something going on, I suggest planning on coming for the car show!

As I said, Pagosa is now off and running head-on into a summer full of events!  Events are held all over the Pagosa Springs area from the top of Reservoir Hill to Town Park to Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts to trail runs through the mountains. Here is my run-down with links to some of the event promoters: 

  • Memorial Day Weekend is a busy weekend with golf tournaments, camping, rafting the river, and much more. 
  • The big music events of the summer begin with the Folk n Bluegrass Festival June 7, 8, & 9, and it ends with the Folk Festival August 30, 31 and September 1.  Check out the Folk West website for more info
  • Chimney Rock, which is a new National Monument, features tours and wonderful full moon tours during the summer.  Find out more at
  • The Pagosa Springs Center of the Arts is producing “Monty Python’s Spamalot,” “The Full Monty,” and “Good People” this summer.  Check out their website for more info  
  • Searching for something to do on a Thursday night?  Check out the Thursday Night Rodeo Series held at the Western Heritage Arena on highway 84. 
  • The 5th Annual Pagosa Renaissance and Pirates Festival is held in the town park the weekend of July 19
  • The Archuleta County Fair is July 31-August 4.  Come enjoy all kinds of exhibitors, the kids’ animals, food vendors, dancing, music, and more.
  • GECKO also hosts a variety of running and biking events throughout the summer.  Check out their website for more info
  • A sporting event in the morning and hot green chili in the afternoon!  The Mountain Chili Cha-Cha combined with the Patty Aragon Green Chili Cook-off is August 24.
  • As we slide from summer into fall, we close out our big season with the Colorfest Weekend.  It is a weekend filled with the hot air balloon rally, Passport to Pagosa-Wine & Food Festival, and the Bands, Brews, Etc.  This year it is slated for September 20-22
  • The Pagosa Springs Golf Club course also plays host to a number of different golf tournaments throughout the summer.

If you know Pagosa during the summer, you may be thinking to yourself "She forgot the busiest,4th of july pagosa biggest, most wonderful time of the summer in Pagosa…the 4th of July!"  No, I didn’t, I was just saving my favorite for last.  Pagosa Springs during the 4th of July is filled with small town excitement!  There is the Park to Park Arts & Crafts festival, the carnival in town park, the Red Ryder Rodeo, the 4th of July Parade and to top it all off…the fireworks show! (weather/fire ban permitting, of course!)  It is a time when many people from outside our town come to enjoy the small town atmosphere, and a time for those who grew up here and moved away to come back and visit family and friends.   This is my absolute favorite time in Pagosa!

That’s my run down of the summer.  There are a lot more events going on that I just don’t have room to list!  Check out for a detailed events calendar and to get more info about all the activities we offer in the area.

Healing Waters Resort & Spa - Drowns Out "For Sale" Rumor

This one is for all of our Pagosa Springs locals and our wonderful guests who may hear the rumors spreading about town and wonder what is going on with “The Spa” or “Healing Waters Resort & Spa!”

This weekend our local Rotary club hosted a Kentucky Derby Gala. It was a spectacular event, as so many of the events in Pagosa are!  However, it is spring time in Pagosa and I received many inquiries about the state of Healing Waters. "Is it for sale?" "Did it sell?" What’s even funnier is that my uncle who lives in the Phoenix area emailed my mom today saying he heard a rumor that there was a contract on our business — you definitely know it’s a rumor if my uncle doesn’t know because he is part of this family and has to be part of any decision to sell! Just to be clear, WE ARE NOT SELLING and HAVE NOT SOLD

There are other local Pagosa Springs lodging facilities that have sold recently: The Oakridge which is located right behind us, which may be reason for some of the confusion, and the Sky View which is on your way up Put Hill. We welcome the new owners and managers into the Pagosa lodging community, a community that we are proud to be part of and have no plans of leaving anytime soon. healing waters in pagosa springs

We are a family owned and operated resort and hot springs facility.  We have been in existence under the Giordano name since 1950.  For years we were known as The Spa Motel, then we became The Spa @ Pagosa Springs around the turn of the century, and in 2009 we changed the name to Healing Waters Resort & Spa. 

I am part of the third generation in our family to run the motel and hot springs.  While my mom and I both go by our married names, Preuit and Stahr, we are still Giordano’s.  If the decision to sell was ever made, the decision would be made by the whole family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.). 

While our pockets are not deep, we do have dreams for this place.   We try to make the upgrades and updates as best we can and as quickly as we can.  We are grateful for all of the support and patronage from our local base and from our repeat customers from out of the area that come back year after year.  We plan on being here for years to come and maybe one of the kids from the 4th generation will take over!

Hot Springs Facilities - OPEN!

Hot Springs Facility Updates!

Indoor Hot Baths are OPEN! 
It was a long two weeks, but the hot baths are finally open again.  mineral water bath houseWe still have some detail work that we are finishing up in the men’s bath house over the next few days, but it is up and useable.  The major renovation work was done to the men’s bathroom and shower area. Work was also done in both the men’s and women’s steam rooms, but it is now too steamy in there to take any pictures to show you the final result!  We will just have to let you check that out for yourselves. We are already planning the major renovations that will happen next year! 

hot springs bath house

Outdoor Swimming Pool OPEN!
The outdoor swimming pool was closed this week, but is now OPEN as well.  While the resurfacing will not happen until later this year, we were able to perform some general maintenance and upkeep, including some painting around the edge.  I know that many of you were anxious for the pool to be back up so that you could enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having poolside.  We worked hard to complete everything as quickly as possible and are thrilled that we have been indoor hot baths renovationable to refill the pool with mineral water and have re-opened it well ahead of schedule!

Outdoor Hot Tub OPEN! 
We were able to keep the outdoor hot tub open this entire time and it continues to remain open.

Thank You!
Thank you all for your patience during this time. We invite you to celebrate and enjoy these improvements as we continue to offer a $5 Hot Springs Entry Fee through May 7, 2013. We look forward to seeing you all!

Healing Waters Hot Springs Renovations — Spring 2013

Spring Maintenance — and oh what a Spring it has been!hot springs bath house

We are in the midst of refurbishing and remodeling some of our hot springs facilities.  We started with lofty goals and have had to cut back on some of them until a later date.  But here is an update about where we are:

Hot Mineral Water Outdoor Swimming Pool:

Our initial goal was to drain and repaint the pool while we were closed over the next couple of weeks. However, our plans have changed.  We are now looking at completely resurfacing the pool instead, but, that will not take place this spring.

We took our pool down Wednesday, April 24th after the close of business and had “people” come to look at it to determine the amount of time that will be needed to perform the sand blasting and resurfacing.  Weather is always a factor when doing anything to an outdoor facility.  Because of this we will be tentatively looking for the next window of time when we could complete this work AND do it while the weather is nice.  The last two weeks of August may be that time…stay posted!

Indoor Hot Springs Facilities: 

We do understand that this building is old and that our mineral water adds an extra component to updating.  We have heard some of the things that people want and we are thot mineral water bath houserying to do the best we can to accommodate some of these things without breaking the bank. 

This year we have mainly focused on the Men’s Indoor Bath House.  There were things that needed to be fixed in the men’s steam room and we have been able to complete part of that now and are looking at doing the second part of it next spring.  The other major renovation was opening up the doorways between rooms and into the bathroom & shower area.  The showers have been renovated and a new sink has been put in.  Hopefully, by opening up the doorways there will be better air flow so that the bathroom will stay warmer in the winter. 

hot mineral bathsIn the Women’s Indoor Bath House, basic upkeep, like painting, has been performed.  Next year we plan on expanding the women’s area for additional cots, but this is a major plan and a lot of prep time is needed to save money to complete the project.

Nothing was done to the outdoor hot tub at this time.  Later this fall we may perform some renovations to that area, but we will let you know. 

That is about it for now.  The photos above are of our renovations in progress — we will post more photos after the renovations are completed!  Stay tuned!

Week At A Glance

A 5-Day outlook at what’s happening here at Healing Waters